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Solanie MesoPeptides: a remarkable skin care experience with the efficiency of mesotherapy

With Solanie's latest MezoPeptide series you can now bring the effectiveness of mesotherapy treatments into your home skin care. The new product line contains super-complexes based on 3 peptides and peeling and activating products that synergistically enhance their effectiveness. By using them, you can achieve spectacular results. All this in an easy and elegant 21st century format.

Acne? Don’t panic! There is a solution

Nowadays one of the most hateful skin problems for teenagers and for adults also, is inflamed acne and oily skin. At a young age, this skin problem is due to hormonal changes but these may also occur later in life if our lifestyle and diet are different from normal. Polluted air in cities, fast-food eating can worsen skin conditions, just like stress, consumption of excisable goods (e.g. alcohol, cigarette) or sleep deprivation.

New arrivals: Solanie sunscreen products

Solanie’s range has been refreshed a new SPF30 sunscreen product to offer good solution for those who are more conscious about skin protection. The new product is skin-friendly, support professional aesthetic treatments in the beauty salons and also give help in anti-aging treatments at home.

New limited Solanie sun cream package for the summer

We offer you a real specialty so you can bring out the best of the hottest season in this year. With our new sun package, you are not only protecting your skin for the whole summer but also preventing the ageing process caused by UV rays.