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5 useful tips for the perfect winter skincare routine

Our skin is facing new challenges with every season but winter stands out a bit more due to its weather and other conditions. Neither the cooler outside air nor the heated inside dry air contains enough moisture to maintain the skin’s normal condition. The skin surface on our face and hands that is in contact with the external environment is constantly exposed to irritation not only because of the weather but due to the rubbing effect of taking on and off clothes whenever we leave or arrive back home.

Solanie MesoPeptides: a remarkable skin care experience with the efficiency of mesotherapy

With Solanie's latest MezoPeptide series you can now bring the effectiveness of mesotherapy treatments into your home skin care. The new product line contains super-complexes based on 3 peptides and peeling and activating products that synergistically enhance their effectiveness. By using them, you can achieve spectacular results. All this in an easy and elegant 21st century format.

Acne? Don’t panic! There is a solution

Nowadays one of the most hateful skin problems for teenagers and for adults also, is inflamed acne and oily skin. At a young age, this skin problem is due to hormonal changes but these may also occur later in life if our lifestyle and diet are different from normal. Polluted air in cities, fast-food eating can worsen skin conditions, just like stress, consumption of excisable goods (e.g. alcohol, cigarette) or sleep deprivation.