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Solanie Antibacterial hand and skin sanitizer spray 250 ml


2-in-1 alcoholic hand- and skin sanitizer spray.

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2-in-1 alcoholic sanitizer spray, which can be used to disinfect not only the hands but also the skin before cosmetic treatments. It kills 99.9% of bacteria and fungi, providing effective protection against pathogens and infections. It can be used without water and soap, furthermore it does not dry the skin. Colourless, odourless formula. After usage, your skin does not feel sticky only fresh and clean.

Hand disinfection: Spray the product on hands to cover all surfaces and rub it thoroughly for 1 minute. After that allow the product to dry.

Skin disinfection: Wipe the disinfectant on the skin by using a sterile gauze pad soaked in the product or spray it on the skin to cover all surfaces. Waiting time: 1 minute.

Main active ingredients: ethyl alcohol, dodecyl-dimethylammonium-chloride, alkyl (C12-16) dimethyl-benzyl-ammonium-chloride.

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All skin type
Paraben free
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