Solanie Exclusive sets are reborn

Long-waited, refreshed Solanie Exclusive products are available again: Solanie Caviar Exclusive and Q10 Exclusive lifting kits. These two sets got face-lift and more attractive packaging, but the main focus remained the same. The programs offer solution for anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and have lifting result.


Solanie products have always been known for their exclusivity and their ingredients have been chosen according to the cosmetic treatments they are used for. These exclusive treatment programs have been the product line’s flagships for years. Now, with their new look they promise an even more exclusive and effective result in anti-aging treatment.

The basic component of Caviar Exclusive anti-wrinkle kit is the Russian black caviar, which has high content of minerals and trace elements, thus provides real nutrient to the exhausted, tired skin. It has a refreshing, activating and energizing effect on the skin.

The Q10 Exclusive program focuses on lifting, firming and revitalizing. The main ingredient Q10 coenzyme regulates energy processes in the cells and helps cell’s renewal. It protects cells from oxidative stress through its strong antioxidant and free radicals binding effects.


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