Solanie Argan Stem Cell line

Get to know the complete Solanie skin rejuvenating product line! Keeping skin young and healthy is one of the major challenges for the cosmetic industry. No wonder, that the newer and newer skin rejuvenating methods are in the focus of customers' attention, and users are watching closely the expected results.

Solanie's newest product line uses plant stem cells obtained from argan wood to take up fight against the signs of skin aging. Unlike other skin care families, its herbal ingredients penetrate into the dermis and rejuvenate the skin cells at the site of the chrono-aging. This product stimulates the skin's own stem cells and vitalize their environment. It also support the regeneration of the epithelium and the dermis, it improves its density and thus decrease the appearance of wrinkles.  

Familiarize yourselves with this complete skin rejuvenation family, which makes your beauty salon work professional and effective. You can also familiarize yourselves with the retail products, which enhance the effectiveness of the home use of the products.  


Argan Protect Stem Cell day cream  

Perfect protection for all day.   It is an excellent daytime moisturizer. Its rich Argan stem cell  content supports the normal function of the skin. Its specific ingredients protect the stem cells of the skin, thus create an ideal environment for the normal cell cycle and maintain cell reproduction. Its skin-like jojoba wax content is ideal for the protection of  the hydro-lipid film of the skin. Thus it reduces water loss through the skin. Its mechanical sunscreen protects against cell damage and cell aging caused by UV light. 


Argan Protect Stem Cell night cream

 It is the ideal relaxation for tired and worn skin. A rich night cream that regenerate and restructures worn skin. Its argan stem cell extract helps in the formation of healthy cells. Combined with vitamin A it renews the skin.  Its E and F vitamin content effectively support cell regeneration and stimulate the formation of new tissue. It s beeswax and squalane content softens, its macadamia nut and avocado content nourish the skin. 


Argan Moisture Stem Cell hydrating and firming mask  

Deep moisturizing mask for your skin's instant moisture supplement. Its more than 25% aloe vera content quickly and spectacularly fills the dehydrated skin. Its vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes support the function of cells and formation of new tissue necessary for the regeneration of the skin.  It fills the skin with moisture thus provides an ideal environment. It enhances the stimulatory effect of argan stem cells and thus the formation of new cells. In combination with other ingredients it facilitates absorption as a transport system. 


Argan Contour Stem Cell eye firming serum 

 To achieve glowing eye contour. It is a moisturizing and wrinkle filling serum, which acts on the different skin layers by refreshing and renewing them. Its argan stem cell content directly stimulates multi potent stem cells, helping them to proliferate, which helps the continuous regeneration of the skin. Its hyaluronic acid and ceramide components provide the collagen and elastic fibers responsible for skin tightness and elasticity with moisture, thus enhance their function and smoothening of the wrinkles.  

Argan Renew Stem Cell serum  

For the refreshing of skin cells and to ensure healthy cell cycle. It is a cell renewal serum, with high Argan stem cell content. It protects the skin  from oxidative cell damage, thus providing an ideal environment for the formation of new healthy cells. It is a natural stimulant, it has a direct impact on the multi potent stem cells, increasing the rejuvenation of the skin's deep layers.  

Argan Energy skin rejuvenating oil with Q10  

It is an energizing massage oil for filling the tired and worn skin. It also stimulates the active ingredients used during treatments. It can be used on its own or in combination with massage creams. It increases skin hydration and prevents the skin from drying out. Its complex argan and olive oil content neutralizes free radicals to help protect skin cells from oxidative cell  damage. The oil's active ingredient, coenzyme Q10 stimulates energy gaining processes that are concentrated  in the cell mitochondria, thus it assists in the aerobic cellular respiration. It is an antioxidant, it neutralizes free radicals.

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