Product Lines

Product Lines

  • Vita White

    Vita White

    The brand new Solanie Vita White line offers a perfect combination of anti-aging and skin whitening to professional users. Pigment lesions caused by...

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  • AHA-peel Line

    AHA-peel Line

    Regular mechanical and chemical peels of the skin surface not only ensure to maintain the permeability of the skin, but they are also extremely...

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  • Argan Stem Cells

    Argan Stem Cells

    The new Argan stem cells line of Solanie use a special extract from Argan tree. The innovative PhytoCellTech Argan is a skin renewal formula works on...

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  • Grape-Hyaluron


    Skin aging is based on complex genetic and biochemical processes, in which the free radicals play a key role. These short-lived oxygen containing...

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  • Aloe-ginko Line

    Aloe-ginko Line

    The main ingredients of SOLANIE products are aloe vera and ginkgo biloba. Their cosmetical purpose and their effect on the skin are significant. After...

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  • Skin Nectar Line

    Skin Nectar Line

    The SOLANIE serum line contain a special combination of ingredients. High concentration of agents strengthen each other’s effects. They are synergic...

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  • Caviar Line

    Caviar Line

    The precious Russian caviar extract that is rich in essential amino-acids, proteins and trace elements has spectacular anti-aging effect. In a salon...

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  • Gold Line

    Gold Line

    The special feature of these products is the 24-carat nano-granular gold content which catalyses the functionality of the complex active substances....

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  • Special Line

    Special Line

    The special line of SOLANIE contains fitomasks made of selected plants‘ extracts, products for cabin usage made of special fruit extracts and...

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  • Organic Line

    Organic Line

    The brand new line of SOLANIE Professional Cosmetic combining the Alpine herbs’ and high quality plant oils’ healing properties with the latest...

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  • Alginate masks

    Alginate masks

    Solanie Alginate peel off masks combine the effects of trace elements and mineral-rich alginates with popular cosmetic active substances. The...

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  • Basic Line

    Basic Line

    Experts can choose the best cream for the massage type from the rich collection of Solanie Basic Massage Creams. In virtue of their active substance...

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  • Ampoules


    Due to their special structures the active substances of the ampoules can reach the deeper skin layers. They may be used alone or combined with...

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