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I am looking for a product for my client (16 -year-old boy), that lightens skin redness caused by acne , but will not plug the pores.

sent by: Doraage: 40

I recommend Solanie Ultra Stepyfor your client.

Its high alcohol content immediately disinfects, dries, and its many antibacterial components ( dichlorine benzyl alkohol, salicylic acid, phenylethyl alcohol) reaching deep into the skin has a long lasting effect. The anti-greasy,epithelium ,normalizing materials inside (colloidal sulfur, biotin, zinc pidolate, allantoin) improve the image of the skin, accelerates wound healing, and cover skin imperfections perfectly. 

It inhibits skin infection and the life processes of bacteria that cause acne.

I would like to ask for your help as a starting cosmetician. One of my new clients has a scaly, seborrhetic skin, therefore it had to be cleaned, but so he does not bear the steam due to a serious asthma. Unfortunately, the simple compress do not provide

sent by: Andreaage: 20

For the case mentioned above, I recommend the combined use of Solanie Lipamin Deep Cleansing Cream and Lipamin Accelerator Gel.

The cream is produced for rapid softening of sensitive skin types, that hardly can be cleaned, and for perfect removal of impurities deposited in the pores.  The cream contains a lipoamino acid, which is a skin -friendly surfactant substance that performs the physiological deep cleaning of the skin. When applying it diffuses deep into the pores, dissolves the oxidized greases and dirts, emulsifies dead skin cells and provides a  perfect clarity to skin for the absorption of the active ingredients.

The Accelerator Gel accelerates the effect of the cream and prevents drying out of the cream underneath.  Due to slightly alkalescence of the arginine essential amino acid the softening and purification process increases.

Use: Spread it over theLipamin deep cleansing cream with a brush, for making it airtight. Use this combination only without steam. After 15 minutes ( exposure time) remove it from the skin with a spatula and then with a damp cloth.  We can start cleaning on a perfectly cleaned and softened skin. 

I have two questions : 1. With cold - hot iron process the service life of certain materials is decreased, or terminated due to the high temperature. What kind of masks, serums are recommended for the application of this product of Solanie product family

sent by: Agnesage: 34

From the Solanie product family we offer two masks, while can be applied with hot irons perfectly. These are the Vitalising mask and the  Energising mask for dry skin, about which you can find more information, if you click on the name of the product.  The use of vio is really recommended after cleaning, for disinfection and for pulling together. It has no direct input property.  However, it enhances the metabolism of the skin, so by using a prior to the transmission of the active ingredients it helps indirectly the absorption of the active ingredients.

I bought the caviar and the anti -aging power bomb exclusive treatment packages. There is only one problem with them, that I do not know how to use them. Can you explain the use of both? I also bought the gold mask. I have a question concerning that too.

sent by: Lisaage: 27

For any information about the Anti-aging Bomb Set and the Caviar set click on the name of the product for more information. The effects of the two sets are of course different, but they can be used with the same method.

  • Clean your face as usual.
  • Put the mask granule of the set in a small glass.  (e.g. Solaniemask mixing cup)
  • Drip onto the mask slightly more than half of LOTION (wet) ampule. This will allow that the mask absorbs the material and will be sufficiently wet to put it on the face.
  • Distribute the remaining half of the LOTION ampule on the face.
  • Place the wet mask to face and leave on it for approx. 15-20 minutes.
  • During the active time of the mask you can carry out a point massage on the face or you can carry out a hand massage with Caviar Hand & Body Balm.
  • After elapse the active time, take off the mask and distribute the half of the FLUID (creamy) ampule on the face, and then sonicate it.
  • Give the remaining approx. half FLUID ampule to the client for use at home. So there will remain a permanent effect during the two treatments. 

The Golden Mask is specifically recommended to use for dehydrated skins. Refer the advice for use by clicking here. Of course, the Golden Mask can be combined perfectly with the Golden hyaluronic acid serum. The mask, in addition, can be used as wraps or sonicated, you can carry out wet hands relaxing massage.

I work with Solanie products and I would like to ask you what products are recommended to treat acne skin, and which product is recommended for a lady, who has sun allergy. For those, who prone to allergies I suggested to use collagen cream. I hope it wa

sent by: Christinaage: 32

In connection with cosmetic treatment of acne skin click here to see the chart below for recommended treatment plan. For acne skin care the following items are recommended for use at home:

For skin that prone to light allergy the Solanie Collagen Hydrating Cream was a good choice, but you have to know that this product provides the skin approx. SPF15 sun protection, which is recommended for street (everyday) use, but in case of sun bathing (especially, if sensitivity is observed during exposure to the sun) definitely recommended to use a sun cream, because the product is not a substitute for sun creams. Nevertheless, we recommend that the clients (guests) visit a dermatologist, who diagnose that there is indeed a light allergy or any sensitivity against some sun creams and if any medical treatment is needed.

Mango Rice AHA eraser is a bifunctional eraser, which means that it is both a mechanical and a chemical peeling. Concerning of its use click on the link below to get accurate information.

Solanie has no foam-based mask at the moment.

The Golden Mask is specially recommended for dehydrated skins. See the advice to use, on the link below. Of course, the Golden Mask can be combined perfectly with the Golden Hyaluronic Acid Serum. The mask, in addition, can be used as wraps or sonicated, you can carry out wet hands relaxing massage.

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