Everyday protection today – spectacular result in the future

Everyday protection today – spectacular result in the future

According to beauticians, it is never too early to start using face- and eye-creams.

It is a somewhat polarized standpoint, of course, but it is a fact that protecting, hydrating and nourishing skin must commence in time, because the delay of signs of aging can be a real purpose, but already occurred changes are not always reversible. In such cases there is the question of why do ladies nowadays have to start skincare early and why do they have to buy the newest products, while our grandmothers have only used one kind of face cream all their life? Well, nowadays our skin is exposed to so much pollutants and stress that we have to do a different type of skincare than ten years ago, not to mention the high expectations on appearance that ladies have to meet.

It does not mean that there aren’t any products that can rectify blemishes or already occurred changes, but it is a fact that prevention has a great role, so it is advised to be aware of our potentials.

The first large group of conditioners is face creams. Within this group there are many products, because there is a solution for every skin type (normal, dehydrated, dry, seborrheic) and skin condition (peeling, harshness, rosacea, eczema, limpness, tendency to redness, etc.). Unfortunately, the much desired normal skin does not exist anymore because of environmental effects and unhealthy lifestyle, so everyone needs some kind of conditioner to maintain skin healthiness. Vitamins, herbal oils, and herbal agents can be found in all kinds of creams – for the given skin type, of course. In order to maintain the optimal skin condition everyone should use hydrating and nourishing creams, even those who do not want the “spectacular anti-wrinkle effect”.   It is also important to mention that there is a huge difference between day and night creams, since in daytime it is better to use a cream with light consistency and sunscreen in it, which can also be used for putting it under make-up, but at night nourishing the skin is more needed. It is not true for everybody, of course, because for a skin which is extremely dry or has a tendency to allergy it is important to protect it against weathering and nourish it by using the day cream.

The second largest group of conditioners is eye creams, which wide range of choices is far away from the so-called traditional eye creams. There are gels, creams, gel creams and serums, all of which are meant to give the daily care to the sensitive skin of the eye. As in skincare, it is advised to choose the appropriate product according to the condition and age of the skin in eye care, too. Obviously, it is suggested to a twenty-year-old, too to prevent the emergence of wrinkles, but in ideal case there is no need for a nourishing cream, it is enough to use a light gel around the eyes. It also does matter if we have contact lens, or if our aim is to remove the under-eye oedema rather than to decrease the depth of wrinkles. There is a difference between the usages of eye creams, too: there are day creams and night creams.

The third group is body care, which is also part of the daily skincare routine, and is present from early young age in everyone’s life. Hard water, increased UV radiation and the use of solarium machines all lead to the declension of skin cells, so it is advised to possibly avoid these harmful effects.

At first glance it may seem that the number of products is too much, and the responsibility in terms of choice can be scary, so the simplest and best solution is to ask an expert. Cosmetics bought at the beautician are usually not more expensive than the ones sold in drugstores, however they contain targeted agents, so with a product suggested by an expert you cannot go wrong.

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