Solanie AHA peel line

We have really missed a range of products from Solanie, which can be used for skin whitening and peeling by professionals. In November, the long-awaited product line arrives in the form of eight excellent products.

Alpha-hydroxy-acid peels are the best among chemical peels, which can be used in cosmetic treatments. They are popular because of their efficiency and  their exfoliating effect can be well controlled during treatments. AHA peels include glycolic acid, lactic acid, citric acid and other acidic components. Few people know that their exfoliating ability only works in special pH environment, therefore it is extremely important to maintain the right level of pH during the treatment. The outcome of the therapy depends on that.

The basic products of the new Solanie AHA peel line are the peel serums in 3 different concentrations.

Using the 5, 15 and 25 peel serums we can work from the weaker exfoliating effect to the stronger, reaching gradually the deeper layers of the skin.

The AHA peel skin resctructure mask can accelarate the success of the exfoliating effect generated by the treatment.

The most exclusive member of this series is the AHA peeling program, which is based on a specific mechanism of action. Special AHA peel Activating fluid is used in the treatment to activate the Tissue Mask. The veil mask is able to exfoliate the skin evenly and in the meantime provides the right pH environment for any peel serum, which is crucial for the successful treatment. The set can be also used for skin whitening. 

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