Creamy pampering

Creamy pampering

People have been using cosmetic masks for centuries, and nowadays these are available in many forms.

Thanks to developed cosmetic technology, there are cream masks, gel masks, peel-off masks, and masks in foam and powder form. As conditioners, masks are also developed for different skin types and skin conditions. Regarding their effects, their forms can be as important as their agents.

The essence of masks is that they contain targeted, large amount of agents, much more as there are in creams. Thus, it is enough, and specifically recommended to use them only periodically, because it is unnecessary to load the skin with too many agents.

Within the quite extended family of masks, the most popular, thus the most used one is the cream mask; we can find a solution for every sort of skin. For dehydrated skin the most appropriate one is the rich oil-based cream mask, because the mask supplies the skin with oil and agents can be absorbed more easily and effectively with the help of oils. Cream masks made for oily skin are not oil-based, of course, thus their basis is usually powder or mud, in which there are already agents helping skin that is inflamed, glows, has wide pores and a tendency for increased sebum production.

For those who prefer the feeling of freshness and light consistency the perfect solution is the gel mask. They are easy to use, and experts can make them even more effective with the help of ultrasound treatment.

Cream and gel masks are recommended for home use, while the application of powder- and liquid-based ones are advised for experts mainly.

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