Concentrated agents for a spectacular result

Concentrated agents for a spectacular result

The first and most significant advantage of concentrates and phials is that they contain active agents in concentrated form, thus a little serum or phial can hold ten times more active agent than a cream.

Whereas the concentration is higher but the formula is lighter, the agents are able to get deeper into the skin than substances in creams, even without using machine treatment.

These products usually contain agents to treat only one problem, because the most important expectation from concentrates is a fast and spectacular effect. These high concentrated agents are packed together in a way that they would only have one but a really spectacular effect. (The concentrate with skin soothing effect soothes, thus, we cannot really expect that it would hydrate and lift, too.)

There are kinds of concentrates that treat not only a skin problem but a whole area. Thus, there are breast-, neck-, body- and eye serums. The given substance only contains agents that concentrate especially on the conditions of the given area and has an appropriate PH value.

Naturally, experts can achieve the most spectacular effect by combining it with hand massage and machine treatment. Nevertheless, one advantage of using serums at home as a cure is the significant result. When there is no time for long finery before an important event, a serum can be a great and fast help. 

As it was mentioned before, these products contain concentrated agents, so it is advised to ask for help from an expert, who can choose the appropriate serum for you and give you great advices in terms of its usage.

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