Cleaning – the basis of skincare

Cleaning – the basis of skincare

Cleaning intensively and using the appropriate product for your skin type is the basis of healthy skin and effective skincare.

Therefore, it is not recommended to miss out this few-minute daily routine, because without it even the most expensive nourishing products cannot fully take effect. The skin is exposed to a lot of pollutants during the day, and in the morning we have to remove the sweat and the toxins released by the skin during the night. In case we put make-up on in the morning, then cleaning is a must in the evening, because makeup left on the skin through the night is unbelievably harmful and it also makes sleeping uncomfortable.

Ladies in the 21th century have it easy, because there is a wide range of cleaning products, so the cleaning routine can be done in only a few minutes, and the skin repays this care multiple times. We can choose our product according to our taste and skin type, but the main point is to make the “cleaning routine” part of our everyday routine.

  1. The most common cosmetic product for cleaning is the facial milk that removes pollutants gently, yet effectively and it does not dehydrate the skin. It dissolves foundation and in many cases it even removes eye make-up. It is worth considering choosing one according to our skin type, because apart from cleaning it also normalizes our skin: it soothes sensitive skin, it decreases inflammation and tightens the pores on oily skin, and it hydrates dry skin. The new member of cleansers is the trendy foam cleanser which is the perfect choice for the ones who prefer cleansers similar to soaps, but would like to protect their skin from dehydration.
  2. The second step of everyday cleaning is the tonic that both freshens and hydrates skin but also restores the natural PH of it. It can be said that this is the most important function of the tonic, since the skin can only protect itself from external pollutants if its PH balance is at a “healthy” level.
  3. Withered epidermal cells must be removed regularly in order to maintain cleanness and to make the skin receptive to agents. There are many ways of doing this but most of the time it is experts who do this with AHA acid and with the help of enzymes, or with abrasion machines. The so-called mechanical peeling can be used at home, and with weekly treatment it can prevent the accumulation of withered epidermal cells. 

At first glance the list appears long but it is only a few-minute routine and it is worth it in the long term. The emphasis is on the effect, don’t forget: the skin repays this care multiple times! 

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