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In our webshop the new Solanie product line is now available, which combines the medical care and the effects of pure alpine herbs and high -quality vegetable oils with latest developed active substances certified by ECOCERT.

The latest product line of Solanie cosmetics combines the medical care and the effects of pure alpine herbs and high-quality vegetable oils with newly developed active substances certified by ECOCERT.

 The products do not contain mineral oils, silicon, parabenes, synthetic fragrances and colouring agents and PEG emulsifiers.  The new anti-aging product line is now available at Alveola in cabin and residential design, completed by a day cream with specifically mattifying effect.   

Cleansing Gel with Aloe Vera ( SO11001 - 150ml , SO21001 - 500ml )
It has been created from the combination of the Summer Lilac (Buddlejadavidii ) and Thyme ( Thymusvulgaris).  It keeps away the dirt from the skin effectively.  The Nectapure that protects agains ozone, prevents wrinkles and obstructs that the skin loses its elasticity.  It increases the skin's hydration.

Refreshing Toner with Aloe Vera ( SO11002 - 150ml , SO21002 - 500ml )
Moisturizing care for every skin type and skin pH recovery refreshing facial tonic with sedative active substance.

Gentle Skin Scrub (SO11003 - 30ml , SO21003 - 125ml )
Peeling containing apricot kernel granules, which, thanks to its alpine extracts, recover the loss of skin elasticity and vitality. Its organic oil content nourishes the skin and protects it against water loss.

Active Day Moisturizer Cream ( SO11010 - 50ml , SO21010 - 100ml )
The soft cream increases the elasticity of the skin and reduces the visible signs of fatigue. StimulHyal, the active substance contained therein, enhances hyaluronic acid synthesis. S Ederline promotes collagen synthesis type I and type III.  The tightening effect is immediately visible.

Active Firming Night Cream ( SO11011 - 50ml , SO21011 - 100ml )
The Survicode complex therein slows down the aging of cells, visibly reducing the depth of medium and deep wrinkles.  The Voluform cause the skin to become tight again.

Lifting Serum (SO11012 - 30ml , SO21012 - 50ml)
Anti-Wrinkle and firming serum with immediate effect.  It contains alpine substances that have soothing, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.  Its firming effect is caused by a harmonious combination of hydrolyzed polysaccharide and gum arabic.

Eye Firming Serum (SO11013 - 15ml , SO21013 - 30ml )
Firming serum that is rich in active substances.  Due to its Easyliance content, it tightens the skin around the eyes.  Thanks to it spectacular lifting effect, it decreases the depth of crow's feet in a short period of time.

Sebum Production Optimizing, Mattifying Cream ( SO11014 - 50ml , SO20014 - 100ml )
Due to the innovative active ingredients it protects the irritated, oily skin and maintains the moisture content of the skin.  The Evermet active substance complex tightens pores and reduces sebum production.  Includes anti-inflammatory and soothing active ingredients.

Intensive Nourishing Mask ( SO11015 - 30ml , SO21015 - 125ml )
The antioxidant Mugwort, the anti-inflammatory Hogweed and the soothing Horehound – due to theirs content – effectively sooth and relax the skin.

Olive Body Scrub ( SO21020 - 250ml )
The intense body scrub that contains sea salt, effectively removes the dead horn cells from the skin. The olive oil makes the skin silky and prevents from loss of water.

Nourishing Body Butter ( SO21021 - 250ml )
A rich lotion that enhances the skin's moisture and lipid content.  Its alpine active substances have anti-inflammatory, soothing and antiseptic effect.  The shea butter gives back the elasticity of the skin, the aloe has moisturizing effect.

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